Stalwarts of Support: Giving Back the Gift of Time
The Office for Professional Development would like to give our faculty members the gift of time. Many of our faculty members donate their time in ways which go uncompensated and unrecognized, often at the expense of time they have for their families or to recover from burnout. For example, faculty members may try to comfort or advise other faculty members who feel otherwise disconnected from or unsupported at work. These efforts, which are appreciated, may cost faculty members time and energy they might need for themselves. Faculty members may also give of themselves to support educational efforts or special patient care needs, which are uncompensated. With dynamics like these in mind, we would like to offer a helpful opportunity to our faculty members. Nominated faculty members will be given the chance to win an individualized consultation over time with a time savings specialist.
Please submit your nominations via email to


  • One-on-one coaching sessions with a time management coach/specialist: These 60-minute sessions will be focused on the individual’s needs (e.g., time management, task prioritization, email burden).
  • Time management coach will craft individualized plans to serve each faculty member: The goal is to develop new healthy habits which help personally and professionally: To focus more, prioritize, feel less stress and find more time in each day.


  • Department of Surgery faculty who donate their time.

Nomination/Application Requirements

  • To nominate a colleague for this award, please submit a brief paragraph description of the faculty’s generous work to Nominations will be reviewed and awards will be given on a rolling basis. Three winners have already been selected and more slots are available!.

Past Recipients

Reza Askari, MD
Alice Maxfield, MD
Rachel Roditi, MD