The Department of Surgery (DoS) Promotions Consultancy initiative is under the leadership of Stanley W. Ashley, MD, and consists of the following members:

Raphael Bueno, MD
Adam S. Kibel, MD
Dennis P. Orgill, MD, PhD

These consultants and Dr. Ashley are all senior faculty members and professors at Harvard Medical School (HMS), who have agreed to advise rising DoS faculty members surrounding their CV and promotion process. They can serve as an impartial advisor to let you know when you should be ready for promotion, what the gaps are, and can review your CV narrative to advise you on style and content.

Promotions Consultancy consultations are currently available to assistant and associate professors.

Even if you do not feel you are ready for promotion at present but would like to learn more about what could support your promotion and receive input from our seasoned faculty, please fill out the form below. We have set aside time to focus on our assistant and associate professors, so if you are currently at this rank, you are particularly welcome!

Click here to access the form and set up an appointment with a committee member.