Stalwarts of Support: Giving Back the Gift of Time

The Office for Professional Development would like to give our faculty the gift of time. Many of our faculty donate their time in ways which go uncompensated and unrecognized, often at the expense of time they have for their families or to recover from burnout. For example, faculty members may try to comfort or advise other faculty members who feel otherwise disconnected from or unsupported at work. These efforts, which are appreciated, may cost faculty members time and energy they might need for themselves. Faculty members may also give of themselves to support educational efforts or special patient care needs, which are uncompensated. With dynamics like these in mind, we would like to offer a great opportunity. Nominated faculty will be given the chance to win an individualized consultation over time with a time savings specialist.

Please submit your nominations via email to


  • One-on-one coaching sessions with a time management coach/specialist: These 60-minute sessions will be focused on the individual’s needs (e.g., time management, task prioritization, email burden).
  • Time management coach will craft individualized plans to serve each faculty member: The goal is to develop new healthy habits which help personally and professionally: to focus more, prioritize, feel less stress, and find more time back in each day.


  • Department of Surgery faculty who donate their time.

Nomination/Application Requirements

  • To nominate a colleague for this award, please submit a brief paragraph description of the faculty’s generous work to Nominations will be reviewed and awards will be given on a rolling basis, beginning in January 2022.

Meditation Mondays – Mondays, 8-8:30 AM
Co-sponsored by the MGH Center for Faculty Development’s Office for Well-Being and the MGPO Frigoletto Committee

Start off your week in serenity. Join Dr. Darshan Mehta, director of the Office for Well-Being, in a guided meditation session to ease yourself into the week ahead with direction and peace of mind. No experience necessary. Weekly Zoom link.

Development of a Surgeon Practice Model to Address the Impact of Gender and Caregiver Status

We would like to increase support for our female surgical faculty, especially during the pandemic. We recognize that caregiver status (whether caring for a child, the elderly, a person with illness, injury or disability), which has disproportionately affected female workers, may have a substantial impact on our ability to thrive at work and may lead to burnout. We are inviting all female faculty who identify themselves as a former, current or soon-to-be caregiver to participate in a quality improvement project to develop a flexible surgeon practice model. We will be conducting small focus groups to develop a database of contributors of caregiver status disparity, associated surgeon challenges and actionable solutions. Please email if you are interested.

BWPO Faculty Sponsorship Mentorship Program

The BWPO is introducing a new sponsorship and mentorship program and invites you to participate in this collaborative effort across departments. This program is supported by BWell Grant funds and is led by Dr. Anju Patel, Division of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, along with Dr. Danielle Sarno, Department of Neurosurgery. The program aims to leverage a digital platform to build connections and enhance your skills as a faculty member at any level. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, please consider this six-month faculty-led experience. The program will launch later this month with a personal email invitation. Please click here for more information.

2022 Dean’s Community Service Award
Deadline: January 7, 2022
Call for nominations!

Do you know someone at HMS/HSDM or are you engaged in community service? Could this community service organization use $1,000?

If yes, please consider nominating an HMS/HSDM faculty member, trainee, student and/or staff member whose dedication and commitment to community service has made a positive impact on the local, national, international or global community. The recipient’s community service program will receive a donation of $1,000.

Organizations must have a 501c3 non-profit status to be eligible for the donation.

All nominations must be submitted online. Self-nominations are accepted.

For more information, please see the online form. For questions,

Academic Advancement

For all the following sessions, please use this link to register. Registration is required. These sessions are hosted by the Harvard Medical School Office for Faculty Affairs.

“Getting promoted from instructor to assistant professor”
Date: January 31, 2022
Time: 3:30–5:30 PM

“Getting promoted from associate to full professor”
Date: February 28, 2022
Time: 3:30–5:30 PM