The Department of Surgery Outstanding Citizenship Award is given annually to two faculty members who exemplify an unwavering dedication to the department, their colleagues and the community.

Applications are now open.

Nominated faculty for the main track of the award should have an HMS rank of instructor, assistant professor, or associate professor and 5-12 years of experience as an attending surgeon or physician in our department.

Winners will receive a commemorative plaque and be invited to attend sessions with an executive coach. Candidates will be chosen based on how closely they align with the criteria below.

  • Criteria: Exemplifies an unwavering dedication to the department, colleagues and community.
    • Service to the department: Has a track record of ongoing service in requested departmental and hospital committees and task forces.
    • Professionalism and inclusivity: Treats everyone with respect; promotes diversity, inclusion and equity; promotes a positive, honest work environment.
    • Education of trainees and others: Goes above and beyond to mentor and educate trainees, along with incoming or disadvantaged faculty.
    • Commitment to other faculty members: Commits to the professional and personal well-being of fellow faculty members; refrains from self-aggrandizement, rumors and fake news.
    • Departmental ambassador locally, regionally and nationally: Represents the department and the Brigham community well (i.e. scholarship, substantive work products with true contributions, leadership roles).
    • Community relations and volunteerism: Promotes and participates in community activities on behalf of the department, hospital, patients and their families.
  • Application Requirements:
    • One nomination letter
    • One additional supporting letter of recommendation
    • Curriculum Vitae (must be in Harvard format)

Department executive/vice chairs, division chiefs and those who have been an attending surgeon for 13 or more years have been ineligible for this award in prior years.

New this year: Based on feedback we have received from our faculty, if there is a physician whom you feel is a worthy recipient and is ineligible based on these criteria, please contact us. We would still be very keen to recognize them and provide them with beneficial opportunities.

Chief Physician Assistants in the DOS qualify for this award.

Past Recipients

Erika Rangel, MD, MS
Quoc-Dien Trinh, MD

Nelya Melnitchouk, MD, MSc
Stephanie Nitzschke, MD, MS

Robert Riviello, MD, MPH
Jennifer Shin, MD, SM